In your face stereotype! was a 12 week typography studio that sought to explore Type’s history and its various mediums.


Mindful that the studio’s Skilled Knowledge Object would take on the form of a Vinyl Album Cover, research on some of its past aesthetics were done. Grunge albums from the late 80s – early 90s, in particular, stood out the most. 

Boasting typefaces that were almost illegible along with its clashing colours, the disobedience in its designs were both visually demanding and highly experimental.

Gathering a few personal objects and imagery of what captured the essence and attitude of 90s Grunge, the album art that was put together emphasized a mix of distressed letters, optical patterns, and a xeroxed portrait.

Work documentation in the form of a zine, packaged within the Album Sleeve

Exploring the history of photocopy


This led to my research and personal take on xeroxing (photocopy art)a popular technique commonly practiced among creatives within the underground music and design community in the late 80s-90s, because of its accessibility and low-cost production.